Burgdorf Hot Springs

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Established in 1870
Burgdorf Hot Springs
McCall, ID 83638

The pool is 50' by 85' about chest deep with a kiddy pool.

Go to the official site to verify the most current prices and hours.

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Picture from Tiffany Manhart

There are 2 spring boxes that are 8' X 8' and chest deep at 113 degrees. The pool is from 104 to 100 degrees.The spring runs at 150 gallons per minute with approximately 225 thousand gallons of water in the pool.

History: Frederick Burgdorf, a sailor/dairyman, was shipwrecked 18 months prior to is arrival in North America. He read the story of the rich gold fields in Warren, Idaho. The thought of riches sailed in his mind, however, his adventure to mine gold didn't pan out. Upon discovering a hot spring in the neighborhood, he built a pool with hotels, cabins and barns. Frederick Burgdorf sold milk and meat to the miners in Warren. Burgdorf was known throughout the northwest for hospitality and fine dining. He stayed 50 years before ailing health and eyesight forced him to retire and sell to the Harris family, the current owners.

Pool Rules:The pool closes at 8 PM except for overnight guests. Absolutely no soap or detergents are to be used in or around the pool. Please consider what you put on yourself prior to coming to Burgdorf. Some personal products are unacceptable in the water here at Burgdorf. Keep in mind the aquatic life that lives down stream from the pool. At night, the swim is a privilege. Being loud and obnoxious at night will not be tolerated.

Old hotelOld cabin

These are pictures of the older, historic buildings. Don't let them scare you.
The cabins are really quite nice.

Cabins: The eighteen cabins that we rent are from 70 to 132 years old.

Mornings are quiet until after 10 AM. Each cabin is lightly furnished and has a wood stove. The beds are double size and have a mattress cover. You can purchase snacks, pop, propane, cooking utensils, and premium unleaded fuel. The only thing visitors must provide is their sleeping gear. A water jug, a pair of flip-flops, your towel, swimming suit and you are set to stay at Burgdorf. Please keep your neighbors in mind. Sound travels in the mountains. Disturbing the peace and quiet may result in your being asked to leave with you name added to an undesirable list.

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Elk: Burgdorf Hot Springs has set aside the large meadow to the west of the village for the elk to have a calving ground for the future. Please stay out of that meadow and give the elk their space.

Starting in November 2009 snowmobilers and backcountry skiers will be able to purchase propane, cooking utensils and premium unleaded fuel. You still need to provide your own sleeping gear (yes, that includes bringing a sleeping bag).

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