Diane Marie Molter

I worked out of the McCall Forest Service Office as a Mine Inspector. As such I got to meet several of the folks in the area. I have a little book of stories put together from my travels in the Warren area. They cover old time stories and events up to 1980, including Charlie Blounts gilded paw packrat that was stuffed and sat on his mantle, Tims Tree, Chinese diggings and the Beetle Wars, Marshall Mountain Forth of July Celebration or Why are there wagon parts way up in those trees?, Browns Grave, The Chinese lady wearing stove pipe leggings and other stories. I can send them to you at the Post Office. They may all be Old Hat to you or may be the "take" from 1980.

Do you know the story about the pet Aligator? I got to see the skin on the wall of one of the mining cabins. It wasnt the best taxidemy job, but I could still see it was at least 14 feet long. I got to go down on the Salmon and out to Browns Mountain. We always had to stop in at Warrens Camp Tavern to eat, as there just was no where else around that served food. ( Govt employees could only accept coffee hospitality*). Thats a story too.

Diane Molter

PS. I actually got to see horses wearing the horse snow shoes from the Warren Tavern.