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Welcome to my web page!

My office is located at 1126 W. Lake Street, McCall, ID 83638

You will find a range of information on this site. Whether you are looking for property to purchase or a Realtor to help you sell what you already have or just information on the hidden treasures of the area, if you can't find what you are looking for or would like additional information on something you saw here please feel free to email me at for additional information or to make your comments.

The road to Secesh and Warren is open. The South Fork Road is open all winter to Yellow Pine. Lick Creek Summit is open from McCall to Yellow Pine. Johnson Creek Road has opened. Monumental Summit is open. Profile Summit is still closed by snow.

The Secesh Stage Stop will be open this summer with food, beverages. If you have a group that is planning on going in call ahead 208-636-4498.

The Winter Inn/Baum Shelter in Warren is planning to reopen this summer.

Warren Time - History of Warren, Idaho 1862-1942 $85. Warren Times orders.